Wood Shutters

Traditional Wood Plantation Shutters, nothing like the original shutter

When you think of shutters, the material of choice is usually wood. Wood plantation shutters have been around for hundreds of years and are the most sought after window covering. The feel and touch of real wood shutters can’t be duplicated.

Wood you could you buy real wood shutters?

Until recently wood was the only material used in making plantation shutters. Traditionalists’ wood not make shutters any other way. Most real wood shutters are made from basswood, alder, poplar, cedar, maple and oak woods.

Only wood shutters can be stained

That’s right if you want a stained finish then only wood shutters will do. Nothing compares to a beautiful stained shutter that completes the inside details of a home.


  • Wood Plantation Shutter is the original material for shutter manufacturers
  • Wood shutters come in a variety of woods
  • Only wood shutters can be stained.