BiFold System

Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation Shutters Over Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation shutters are a beautiful and functional way to cover sliding glass doors.

Plantation shutters are a practical and beautiful way to dress any sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors always present a challenge to cover since they must be highly functional and due to their large opening. Plantation shutters are the perfect solution in that they combine all the timeless beauty of a shutter along with durability - the perfect choice for homes that have pets or small children.

By-Pass Sliding Shutters

Bypass sliding shutters are the perfect solution if you need shutters for your sliding doors. Bypass shutters have an above tracking system that allows you to easily slide panels to the left and/or right. They come with an optional crown molding top.

Bifold Systems

Bi-fold Plantation Shutters contain shutter panels that are hinged together and therefore fold against each other, similar to a closet door. Panels can be free hanging or used with a track, which helps to guide and support the panels. Bi-fold panels can be configured to where panels open all to one side or to where they open to both sides of the door.