Shutter Costs

How much do plantation shutters cost?

There are four factors that determine the cost of plantation shutters.

  1. How many square feet of shutters do you need
  2. Brand and type of materials you want
  3. Options and upgrades
  4. Location (labor costs, shipping, cost of living and completion by geographic location)

Plantation Shutters Cost vs. Blinds Shades Cost

Typically interior shutters prices are more than blind prices. Blinds and shades are considered a temporary window covering and interior plantation shutters are permanent. Historically consumers replace their blinds and shades every 7 years. If a quality plantation shutter lasts the lifetime of a home, then a homeowner would have purchased new window treatments around 4 plus times.

Plantation shutters are the only window covering that truly adds value to the home. Short term blinds are less expensive but long term plantation shutters cost much less.

Quality Shutters vs. Discount Shutters (cheap shutters)

There is a trend in the plantation shutter business to advertise a low price on a discount shutter. Usually this is a low quality product and part of a bait and switch tactic. Cheap shutters are made from inferior materials and substandard labor. On the other hand, quality shutters are made from high grade materials and skilled craftsmen. Go with the old saying, Quality doesn’t cost it pays.


  • Square feet, brand, materials, options and location determine plantation shutters cost
  • Interior shutters are cost effective compared to blinds and shades
  • Purchase quality over discount shutters