Plantation Shutter Manufacturers

How many plantation shutter manufacturers are there?

Over the past 25 years shutters have grown in popularity and today there are hundreds of plantation shutters manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers are small shutter companies working out of their garage or small warehouse. Typically most of the larger, regional and national companies only wholesale shutters.

Local Shutter Companies vs. National or International Shutter Companies

Some local companies’ sell retail and wholesale shutters. National and international manufacturers are strictly wholesale. Local shutter dealers usually sell national shutter brands or regional brands.

Brand or non brand?

Here are some factors to consider when debating whether to purchase a national brand or unbranded shutter.

  • In a down economy will the unbranded company be around if warranty is needed?
  • Why is a brand a brand? Because years of making a good product and customer service.
  • How long has each shutter company been in business?

National and International Plantation Shutter Brands

Brands: Norman Shutters, Hunter Douglas, Graber, Comfortex and Sunland Shutters.


  • There are hundreds of shutter manufacturers
  • Buy a shutters from nationally known company
  • Purchase brand over non-brand