Plantation Shutter Installation

What should I look for in a Plantation Shutter Install?

Most shutter companies either use an in house plantation shutter installer or a sub contractor. A good shutter installation is the key to longevity of plantation shutters. When interviewing companies always ask questions about the installer, how the shutters will be attached and how long has the installer been doing shutters? Is the installer factory trained and certified?

Shutter Installation Techniques

Using screws to fasten shutters is the best solution. Screws will make it easier if you ever need to take down the shutter for window repair. Some installers use a nail gun because it’s faster and easier. Damage can occur if you ever need to take the shutters down to repair a window.

When to Caulk the Shutters and When Not To

Caulking around the interior shutters is sometimes a must and other times it’s just an option. To caulk or not depends on the type of installation. Before the installation ask the installer which windows will need to be caulked. Remember, if you ever need to take the shutters down for window repair, all the caulk will have to be removed and this could cause some damage to the shutter, window and wall.


  • Use an experienced installer
  • Screwing is better than nailing for installation
  • Caulk as needed