PVC Shutters

Be careful with PVC Shutters?

PVC shutters can have many descriptions. Do your homework when a shutter dealer says they sell a PVC shutter. PVC is also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride. Some dealers confuse a solid synthetic as a PVC plantation shutter and it is not. PVC Shutters are just another name for Hollow Vinyl Shutters.

What if it is solid PVC?

Solid PVC really is a synthetic shutter. Ask the dealer if it is a painted finish on the PVC Shutter. If it has a painted finish then it's not a PVC Plantation Shutter.

Are you confused about PVC Plantation Shutters?

You're not the only one; most of the industry is confused about PVC Shutters. Find a certified dealer and they can navigate you through the shutter buying process.


  • PVC Shutters are usually Hollow Vinyl Shutters
  • If it has a painted finish it's probably ok
  • Consult a Certified Plantation Shutter Dealer