Poly Shutters

What is Poly Plantation Shutters?

Poly is another name for faux wood plantation shutters. It’s a synthetic fiber mix used in the extrusion of poly plantation shutter components. There are several varieties of poly shutter materials and components to choose from.

Poly vs. Wood Shutters

Poly shutters strength is that it repels moisture, has a strong durable surface and is very energy efficient. Wood shutters on the other hand can absorb moisture, has a softer surface and is less energy efficient. Both have their place inside the home and make a great plantation shutter.

Poly Shutters are Low Maintenance and Energy Efficient

They have a harder and have a smoother surface which is easier to keep clean. Poly Shutters have the highest R-Value rating among plantation shutters.


  • Poly is another name for faux wood
  • Poly Shutter repels water and has a durable surface
  • Of all the shutters, poly is the most energy efficient