What are louvers?

Louvers are the slats or vanes inside the shutter that rotates to the open or closed position. The beauty of interior shutters is the elliptical louvers. They can be quickly opened or closed and the versatility of adjusting the slats to any position.

Louvers, the heart of a shutter

When purchasing plantation shutters the most important option is the louver size. Shutter louvers or slats come in 2½", 3½" and 4½" sizes. Depending on style, view or architectural feature you're looking for, louver size is often a personal preference. If you have a beautiful view overlooking water front, golf course, mountains or your garden you may want to use 3½", 4½" or 5½" louvers. The larger louver vanes offer a greater view by opening the viewing area of the plantation shutter. The 2½" louvers reduce the viewing area of the interior shutter. Always consider the curb appeal when viewing the shutter from the outside. Your home architecture will also have an impact on which louver slat size you should choose.

The most common louver size

By far, the top selling shutter louver size is 3½". It seems to be the most common choice because it's somewhere in the middle of slat louver sizes. It offers a great view, curb appeal and most consider the 3½" slat to be "The Plantation Shutter" louver size.

Things to consider when selecting slat size

Consider the design style of your home, geographic location, outside view, privacy, light filtering and room darkening when choosing the right louver size for your new interior plantation shutters.


  • Louver Slats are available in 2½", 3½" & 4½"
  • Home style and architectural feature has an impact on louver size
  • The most common plantation louver size is 3½"