Interior Shutters

Interior Shutters as a window covering

Over the past 25 years shutters have become the most popular of window fashion choices. Homeowners want a permanent solution to their window covering needs and interior shutters is that solution. A quality shutter can last a lifetime.

The real cost of indoor shutters or is it savings?

Everyone thinks that interior plantation shutters are too costly to buy. The initial cost of shutters compared to the long term energy savings you'll realize indoor shutters are a great choice. Remember plantation shutters are the only window covering that adds value to your home! Realtors consider them a resale feature.

Maintenance on inside window shutters

Ask any shutter dealer or installer and they will tell you that inside shutters are the most maintenance free product for your window. Unlike blinds and shades, shutters do not have cords, wands or moving parts that break easily.

  • Interior Shutters add value to your home
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance