French Doors

Plantation shutters have always been one of the most gorgeous ways to dress French doors and other doors with glass inserts.

Any door can be covered with plantation shutters. Even doors with lever type handles that extend into the glass area can be done. They can be mounted directly to wood, metal, fiberglass, and many other types of doors. Even if your door has very little mounting space, custom frames can be done.


Plantation shutters are usually mounted to French doors using an outside mount L Frame. The frame is typically mounted outside the trim that goes around the inset windows.

French Door Handle Cutouts

Some French doors with lever handles require French door cutouts. This provides a highly custom look to your plantation shutters. It is simply a way of building the shutters around the lever handles. The handles remain fully operative and the cutouts allow you to fit your hand over the handles. The Certified Shutter Technician will determine the best way to do the cutout.