Stained Finish

Shutter Finishes

Painted Finish- Painted finishes are the most popular for plantation shutters. Painted finishes usually blend with interior trim color and can be easily touched up. If shutters get scratched or dented they must be easily repaired and painted. Never buy shutters that cannot be painted.

Whites and off whites are the most popular choices for painted shutters. When considering color choices always think resell of your home. Taking all your shutters down to have repainted can be expensive.

Painting techniques- Many shutter companies build the shutters then paint them. This technique leads to overspray, drips and requires hours of sanding. It’s very hard to get an even layer of paint around and in between louvers, rails and stiles.

Higher end companies use baked on water borne paint. The individual components are robotically painted and instantly baked to make a hard smooth finish. This process truly gives the shutter a furniture grade finish.

Stained Finish- Stained finishes are perfect when you’re looking for the rich natural beauty of wood. Always use a shutter company that uses water borne baked on stain process for a furniture grade finish. It’s extremely hard to get furniture grade finish with a hand rubbed because it’s very difficult to apply stain between the louvers, rails and stiles.

Plastic Finish- Plastic finishes cannot be painted. Although durable, when this finish takes a dent or scratch it can’t be fixed.

Plastic Wrap Finish- This is a thin layer of plastic that is applied to MDF shutters. It makes a great looking finish but is easily scratched. Scratches in plastic wraps cannot be repaired.