Composite Shutters

Composite Plantation Shutters are made from MDF. What is MDF?

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. It's a common material used in kitchen cabinets and furniture. Composite Shutters are economical product that makes a beautiful plantation shutter.

How is the Composite Shutter finished?

It's finished in a polypropylene wrap that is durable and strong. Composite Shutters color finishes are usually limited to the white and off white colors.

How long have Composite Shutters been around?

They have been around for over ten years. If fact they are the top selling shutter around the world because they are the least expensive shutter to manufacture.


  • Composite Shutters is made from medium density fiberboard
  • They have a poly wrap finish
  • Been around 10+ years and offer a great value