About Us

PlantationShutters.org is dedicated to providing consumers the information, service and support needed to ensure a successful plantation shutter purchase experience. Through this site, consumers can manage all the variables in the interior plantation shutter purchase process including:

  • Defining a style, look and feel
  • Selecting the appropriate product for a specific room application that fits within a budget
  • Developing a budget that includes the cost of the product and installation
  • Coordinating quotes from Certified Shutter Technicians
  • Coordinating installation with a Certified Shutter Technician

Mission Statement

PlantationShutters.org is the consumer’s conduit to plantation shutter manufacturers and local shutter companies.

Our mission is to educate the consumer, manufacturers and local shutter companies and encourage a code of ethics for fair practices and to work for the betterment of the plantation shutter industry.

Our goals are to provide a common voice between the consumer, local shutter companies and manufacturers. Promote professionalism between manufacturers, local shutter companies and the consumer.